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Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
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Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Blue Tiger's Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye, is a highly soothing stone that can reduce stress, ease anxiety & increase calmness and relaxation. It is believed to offer insight & clarity, helping individuals to see issues or situations from a broader perspective. This crystal is often used to improve communication skills, enhance self-expression, & foster a deeper understanding of one's inner truth and desires. Spiritually, Blue Tiger's Eye is thought to provide protection, especially during travel, & to attract good luck & prosperity. It is also associated with the throat & third eye chakras, enhancing intuition & aiding in speaking one's truth with clarity & integrity.

Personalize your bracelet with our optional Hamsa charm, symbolizing protection, blessings, and the guiding hand of positive energy. 

Choose your size, select your charm, and let your wrists sparkle with the magic of our beaded crystal bracelets.

Finding your wrist size is a simple process that can be done with a ruler or a measuring tape. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Using a Measuring Tape:

  1. Wrap the Measuring Tape:

    • Start by placing the measuring tape around your wrist where you would normally wear a bracelet. 
    • Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight. You should be able to slide a finger between the tape and your wrist.
  2. Read the Measurement:

    • Take note of the measurement where the end of the tape meets the rest of the tape. This is your wrist size.

Using a Ruler:

  1. Wrap a String or Paper Around Your Wrist:

    • If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of string or a strip of paper.
    • Wrap it around your wrist just below the wrist bone (where you would wear a bracelet).
  2. Mark or Cut the String/Paper:

    • Mark or cut the point where the string or paper meets itself.
  3. Measure the String/Paper:

    • Lay the marked string or paper flat and measure the length with a ruler. This measurement is your wrist size.