Blue Lotus Pistils
Blue Lotus Pistils
Blue Lotus Pistils
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Blue Lotus Pistils

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Blue Lotus Pistils ( center of the flower )

A ounce of it is about the size of a handful of them, perfect for making a tea & it's super   affordable!

 What does blue lotus smell like?


The scent of Blue Lotus is distinctly floral. It smells sweet and almost green. The unique fragrance of Blue Lotus makes for an enchanting personal “pure-fume.”

- What does blue lotus taste like?


Hand-picked blue lotus whole flower tea. Unwind with it after a long day for a more restful night of sleep. With a delightful and fragrant aroma, it has full-bodied, earthy, and slightly bitter-tasting notes


 - Does blue lotus tea make you high?


Today, the blue lotus flower tea has been used primarily as a sleep aid and anxiety reliever. However, at higher doses achieved by inhalation, users can experience euphoria and hallucinations. 


- What part of blue lotus is psychedelic?


The most smokable parts of the blue water lily are the petals and bulbs, which can be packed into a couple bowls. A third, more creative way, to get high is marinating the flowers in wines first, which can result in a very psychedelic experience


- How does blue lotus make you feel?


Blue Lotus Flower was and is really known for its hallucinating effects. In ancient times Egyptians preferred consuming Blue Lotus Flower Tea to add to their celebrations as it creates a mind-blowing effect. So, due to its Psychoactive effects, this Tea bestows a feeling of joy, which makes it most preferred.

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